Welcome to Rabbits!
Year 2

Mr Pickup

Class Teacher

Mrs Hunter

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Truss

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Maslin

Teaching Assistant


Please bring your reading books and reading record into school everyday.

The children are responsible for changing their reading books when they arrive in the morning.

PE: Monday and Thursday

Homework sent: Tuesday
Homework due: Monday

Our Learning
Ice: Pole to Pole

Enquiry: How has the polar bears’ habitat changed?

We will be mainly exploring our topic in History, Geography, Art and DT lessons. We will be locating the world’s continents and oceans, describing why the earth is colder at the poles compared to the equator. We will be exploring the life of Robert Falcon Scott and his expeditions to Antarctica. In addition we will be looking at how climate change has affected the lives of Arctic species, with a focus on the polar bear. 

In terms 3 and 4, Rabbits will be returning to addition, looking at crossing 10 when adding two 2-digit numbers. We will then move on to fractions.

Please continue to support your children with telling the time, using the class watches. 

We will be deepening our understanding of our ‘Living things and their habitats’ and ‘Everyday materials’ topics in science, linking these to our new topic of Ice.