Our Curriculum

 We follow the Statutory National Curriculum  September 2014.  

 We use an enquiry-based curriculum that motivates and inspires our children. Each topic hinges on a key question linked to the history or geography theme the children are studying. You can find these on the whole school overview below.

Our curriculum Intent

At Wivelsfield Primary School, we believe all children are entitled to a rich and relevant curriculum. As a result, they will develop a love of discovery and learning to ensure they are prepared for the next stage in their life.

Through carefully structured teaching of substantive* and disciplinary**  knowledge, along with contextualised experiences, children can deliberately practise and embed their learning.

We value and encourage a resilient, risk-taking and reflective approach; teaching the children to work together and respect each others’ views, equipping them to succeed in an ever-changing and diverse world.

A curriculum overview can be found on the individual subject pages. To request more information on our curriculum please email office@wivelsfield.e-sussex.sch.uk

*Substantive knowledge is the key information and facts learnt in a topic.

**Disciplinary knowledge is the knowledge of how to conduct their learning. For example through observations, evaluation and experimentation.