The Governors at Wivelsfield Primary School bring a myriad of different skills, working alongside The Senior Leadership Team and supporting teachers to provide excellent education to children. We both challenge and support the decisions made by Helen Smith and her team.
Together, we aim to achieve our School Vision; "to inspire our children to be the best they can be in an ever-changing and diverse world", as well as ensuring we meet the values we have set out as at the core of everything we do as a school.
As the statements below show, our Governors come from a diversity of backgrounds. They each bring skills and experience, which, through training and support from the most experienced  members of the Governing  Body, they use to define and implement the School's strategy. They each share a desire simply to make our village school the best it can be both for our children and for our staff. 

Mr Rob Milton

Chair (Co-opted)

I was delighted to join the Governing Body over four years ago, working alongside a team who are dedicated to the success of the school to provide the best education for children now and in the future.

The value of education has been drummed into me throughout my life as both my parents were teachers and, as such, it is very natural for me to use my skills and experience to repay the community through this role.

Mr Rhodri James

Vice-Chair (Co-opted)

I have been a Governor since 2015 and I am the Vice-Chair and the Governor responsible for Safeguarding.

The welfare and safety of all stakeholders at Wivelsfield School is incredibly important and I am proud to be part of the school’s collective effort. Keeping everyone safe and well provides the foundation to enable the pupils to achieve their very best.

Away from the school, I am a criminal barrister working from 23, Essex Street in London. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my young family and coaching youth rugby at Haywards Heath Rugby Club

Mr Tom Edwards

Governor (Co-opted)

I’m the owner of a local business and have picked up a good range of skills and experience over the past decade. I come from a family of teachers, so I was so happy to get the opportunity to use this experience in my role as a Co-opted Governor. I’ve lived in the village for seven years, and expect to become a Parent Governor in a few years time as our first child was born in April 2020.

Mrs Marion Whear

Governor (Co-opted)

It has been a privilege for me to be a member of the Governing Body for many years. I joined the board on my retirement from teaching, and I trust my experience and interest in education is of some value as we move forward.

Mrs Susan Halliwell

Governor (Co-opted)

I have been fortunate to live in the village for over 25 years. My son, James, went to Wivelsfield Primary when the school was located in Church Lane, and he had to walk to the Church Hall for lunch! He was fortunate to have spent his last two years at our current site and enjoyed representing his school in football and swimming.

I have been involved with the school firstly as a ‘parent helper’ member of the PTA and then as a Governor from 2008. I have enjoyed being part of the Governing Body - working with the teachers and watching the school grow in size and strength.

My background is in IT working at Heathrow, Gatwick and Scottish airports until last July. I am part of the School’s Finance and Premises committee, as well as overlooking eSafety and GDPR. You may have seen me sitting with my computer beside the sports field collecting the house points for our Sports Day!

Mrs Karen Hornby

Governor (Parent)

My children attend Wivelsfield Primary and, to me, it was really important that I supported this wonderful school. I became a Governor last year, just before the pandemic, so it’s still relatively new, but exciting.

I have a background in Education and have been a teacher for 16 years, specialising in Early Years education. My current role is to support RSHE and Growth Mindset. I am very passionate about finding resources and tools to support children’s mental well-being. I am looking forward to developing my role alongside a fantastic team.

Mrs Katie Wollaston

Governor (Parent)

It was as I was herding three of my children out of the school gates that the Headteacher, Helen Smith, asked whether I had considered becoming a Parent Governor. It has been an incredible experience not least because I joined the Governing Body just before the Coronavirus pandemic started.

It is heartening to be part of a team that works so hard to support the school; but also has given me an insight into the complexities that our SLT face every day.

My fourth baby will join the school in September, just months after my eldest moves on. My relationship with the school will therefore span many more years, and I hope, through this role that I can give just a little bit back to the teachers who are helping shape my childrens’ futures.

Miss Sarah Thompson

Clerk of Governors

To contact any of the Governors, please email the clerk@ email address above.


Wivelsfield Primary School Governing Body


Name of governor



 Term of Office

Declaration of Interest

Date of Entry


Tom Edwards

Co-opted Governor


23/01/19 –22/01/23

Business Owner: Electrical Security, CCTV, Fire Alarms, Access Control, Time-lapse Photography




Susan Halliwell

LA Governor appointed by the Local Authority


Finance, Staffing and Premises

Performance Management

27/09/17 – 26/09/21

IT Architect for Capgemini Heathrow Airport.

IT Administrator for Archer Specialist Ltd.




Karen Hornby

Parent Governor appointed by the parents of the pupils


14/02/20 –13/02/24



Employed as a Teacher by Sussex Learning Trust

Parent of child at the school





Rhodri James

Vice Chair

Co-opted Governor

appointed by the parents of the pupils

Safeguarding Governor



Finance, Staffing and Premises







04/03/20 –03/03/24

Self Employed Barrister

Parent of children at the school

Wife works at the school




Robert Milton


Co-opted Governor

Finance, Staffing and Premises

28/09/20 –27/09/24

Parent of a child at school

Director of Operations & Finance Brooks One Ltd







Craig Pickup

Staff Governor

Appointed by the staff


03/09/20 – 02/09/24

Class Teacher




Helen Smith

Staff Governor as Head Teacher


Finance, Staffing and Premises



01/09/2015 - Present 

Husband owns an agricultural contracting business

Head Teacher




Marion Whear

Co-opted Governor


Performance Management

21/01/19 –






Katie Wollaston

Parent Governor appointed by the parents of the pupils


14/02/20 – 13/02/24

Parent of children at school

Freelance Journalist



John Wigzell 
Lesley Corbett 
Stood down from Governing Board
December 2020
September 2021


Governors Attendance at Meetings

September 2020 – August 2021
We are required to publish the details of Governors’ attendance at all our full board meetings. This does not include their attendance for any other matters.
Name of Governor  Board Meetings Attended
Helen Smith  5 of 5
Rob Milton  5 of 5
Rhodri James 3 of 5
Lesley Corbett 4 of 5
Tom Edwards 4 of 5
Susan Halliwell  3 of 5
Karen Hornby  4 of 5
Marion Whear 5 of 5
John Wigzell 1 of 2
Katie Wollaston 5 of 5