Welcome to Hedgehogs Class
Year 1

Miss Griffith

Class Teacher

Mrs Murtagh

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sinclair

Wednesday PM (PE)

Key Information

Tuesday and Wednesday
Your child will need to come to school dressed in their PE kit on a Tuesday and Wednesday. Please make sure that your child has tracksuit bottoms and a jumper for colder weather.
Please ensure that your child brings their Reading Pack containing their reading book and reading record in everyday. We will give your child 3 books to take home each Friday and these books will be changed the following Friday. Please write a note in your child's diary when you have read with them so that we can see which books have been read and any comments about how your child got on reading that book. It is beneficial to ensure that your child reads and re reads the books they take home to help them build fluency and support them with words that they found tricky reading the first time round. 
Key Words
Your child will have Key Word Bookmarks related to our new phonics scheme. These will be pinned to the back of your child's reading record. Your child will learn and practice their Key Words throughout our weekly teaching. Once your child is able to confidently read the Key Words,  we will then move them on to the next bookmark. It would be great if you could practice these with your child when reading with them. 
Homework will be sent out on a Friday on Google Classroom. The homework sheet contains a summary of the Maths learning we have been doing that week and also a list of words containing the phonics sounds we have been learning. You could practice these at home with your child and send in any extra work to showcase in class if you wish.
Each Friday morning we will be doing a spelling quiz. This will be based on the 5 spellings at the bottom of the homework sheet. Please try and practice these spellings at home. You could play games with the words or write them in different ways.

Our Learning

Houses and Homes
Term 1
          The Three Little Pigs (Lift-the-flap Fairy Tale): Amazon.co.uk: Tucker,  Stephen, Sharratt, Nick, Sharratt, Nick: 9780333963975: Books  The Three Little Pugs and the Big Bad Cat  Cinderella Disney Princess Little Golden Books Random House: Amazon.co.uk:  House Disney, Random: Books  Storytime Classics: Hansel and Gretel: Amazon.co.uk: Askew, Amanda,  Catling, Andrew: 9781848354883: Books  
We begin the year with a special delivery from The Jolly Postman and The Three Little Pigs. In English, our focus is letter writing and we will learn about what we need to include when writing a letter. We will then look at comparing the Three Little Pigs to The Three Little Pugs and The Big Bad Cat by Becky Davies and write our very own version of the story. 
For our Geography learning we will be going on a village walk and will be mapping out the route we take. We will also be learning about all of the different types of houses. 
This topic is heavily Science based and we begin our learning about materials. We will look at the properties of different materials and investigate which material will be strong enough to stop the Wolf blowing our house down. 
In Art, our learning will be based on Paul Klee. We will look at how he uses different shapes to create his pictures and re-create 'Castle in the Sun.' We will also be learning about mixing primary colours to make secondary colours.