Art and Design


By offering high quality, engaging and challenging opportunities, the children will be inspired to develop their artist skills and critical thinking so that they become creative, experimental and reflective artists Pupils develop their substantive knowledge of a variety of artists, their skills, styles techniques and artwork.



The children at Wivelsfield Primary School are provided with a broad but focussed Art and Design learning journey via a whole school curriculum. This allows the children to gradually develop their Art and Design skills and disciplinary knowledge in a cohesive and rigorous way.

The children are given time to explore and evaluate art work and to use this investigative process to create their own art work. This includes the step by step development of skills in colour, pattern, texture, shape and line, space and form and digital art. Within this the children are given an array of opportunities to use a range of media and materials to continue to develop the building of their disciplinary and substantive knowledge.

Encompassed within the Art and Design Curriculum are a range of studies of famous artists including designers, architects and sculptors. This enables the children to develop a critical understanding of Art and Design and to reflect upon how Art and Design is connected to history, creativity and culture around the world.

All KS1 and KS2 children have sketch books that follow them through the school to demonstrate their progression.To celebrate, motivate and inspire the children art work is displayed within classrooms and corridors. The school also organises art and design themed activities such as fashion shows and performances to share their learning between home and school.



Through the well-planned and structured teaching of Art and Design, children will leave Wivelsfield Primary School being confident and creative artists. The children will have developed a broad substantive knowledge of artists, crafts people, designers and architects and be knowledgeable of their influence on the world around us. Alongside this, the children will be critical and creative thinkers who can use their disciplinary knowledge to produce inventive and individual artwork.

Art an Design linked with the text 'Apes to Zebras: Shape poems'.
Art and Design at Wivelsfield 
Our Hall display inspired by 'The Lost Words' and 'The Lost Spells'.