Chair Person – Wendy Rees

Vice Chair – Gemma Rogers

Treasurer – Bryony Sinclair

Secretary – Rhea Feltham

Committee Members:
Faye Strong, Amanda Sayers, Louise Gilbert, Laura Goulds, Susan Bailey, Alice Melluish, Rachel Meadows, Karla Jones, Gail Morgan, Sarah Hards, Katie Wollaston, Stuart Hornby, Jess Messam, Sarah Theakstone, Amber Whinn.

Class Reps:
Robins: Lynfa Sioufi, Rachel Turner, Nicola Wilson
Hedgehogs: Leanne Teo, Clair Usher
Foxes: Bernie Chandler, Tanya Walker, Bev Aubrey
Otters: Zoe Turner, Emma Pollard
Badgers: Hils Robinson, Katie Wollaston

Staff members: Sarah Cole, Craig Pickup

Co-Opted Governor member: Helen Smith

100 Club co-ordinator – Wendy Rees

The PTA 100 Club is once again up and running for 2019/2020. Thank you to our current ticket holders for their support and congratulations to our recent winners.
If you haven’t already joined up, there are still opportunities to join in and be a potential winner, as there are some tickets which have remained unsold.

To join the 100 Club, download the form below. Please return the form, with payment, to school.

The P.T.A at work!