PTA Members:
Chair: Lou Blake
Vice: Sarah Theakstone
Secretary: Leanne Teo
Treasurer: Tanya Hadfield Walker
Committee Members: Bryony Sinclair,  Stewart Hornby, Gail Morgan, Faye Strong, Rhea Varley, Alice Melluish, Claire Usher, Jess Awcock, Gemma Rogers, Cathy Sturgess and Stella Phillips.

Class Reps
Robins: Laura Furminger and Molly Creaghan
Hedgehogs: Rivka Myles and Katy Woods
Rabbits: Tasha Walsh and Karen Hornby
Foxes: Lynfa Sioufi and Gemma Rogers
Otters: Pia Orrell and Katie Moore 
Badgers: Katy Downton and Antonia Simpson
Owls: Bernie Chandler and Tanya Hadfield Walker

Staff members: Hayley Glassock and Cathy Sturgess

Co-Opted Governor member: Helen Smith 

Lucky Number Lottery co-ordinator – Sarah Theakstone

The PTA Lucky Number Lottery is up and running. Thank you to our current ticket holders for their support and congratulations to our recent winners.
If you haven’t already joined up, there are still opportunities to join in and be a potential winner, as there are some tickets that have remained unsold.

To join the Lucky Number Lottery, download the form below. Please return the form, with payment, to the school.

The P.T.A at work!
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