Miss Glassock

Class Teacher- Tuesday to Friday

Ms Tracy Reilly

Class Teacher- Monday

Mrs James

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Cole

PPA cover

Welcome to Year 6   
Our Learning
Our main topic for the next term is The Ancient Greeks , where we will explore how the Ancient Greeks have impacted modern society. This will range from looking at myths, sporting events and democracy.
In Science, our topic is Evolution and Inheritance; we will be learning about how animals and humans have adapted to their environment over time.


Homework will be uploaded onto Google Classroom on a Thursday and will be due in the following Wednesday.  

Each week the children must complete their; 

  • weekly spellings – these will be given out on a grid for the term. 
  • a short English task 
  • a short maths revision task 

In addition to the weekly homework, it is expected that all children will read on a regular basis and are responsible for selecting and changing their books regularly and should be encouraged to do so. 

MyMaths activities will be set and the children are reminded to use TTRS. You are also welcome to explore the MyMaths site and children can complete any ‘lessons’ they wish; this is particularly useful if they feel they need extra practise in a particular area. 



The spring term is the time in year 6 when we start to prepare for the May SATs. SATs will take place between Tuesday 9th May 2023 – Friday 12th May 2023 so please avoid booking any time off school during this week and in the case of illness, children are still able to sit SATs up to one week after the official SATs week. We are beginning to look at techniques and strategy in answering some of the questions – but this is being done so with a positive and upbeat attitude so we are boosting confidence and the children are responding really well to this. We are doing a little and often approach so the heart of teaching and learning remains much the same.


Key Information 
PE/ PE Kits
PE – Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. This term PE will be focusing on hockey and gymnastics.
Please ensure your child comes to school dressed in a suitable PE kit on these days.  The children will be outside in all weathers. Long hair must be tied up and earrings to be taped or removed, along with removing any jewellery or watches. If earrings are removed, please ensure that your child has a small pot or safe place to keep them in.
On Friday afternoons, I am out of the classroom for Planning, Preparation and Administration time. The class will be covered by Mrs Cole for RE and Spanish.