Miss Glassock

Class Teacher

Mrs Wakelen

Teaching Assistant

Welcome to Year 6   
Our Learning
We are very excited to welcome children back to school.
History & Geography
Our topic for the next term is Extreme Earth, where we will explore where the most dangerous locations in the world are. We will be focusing on natural disasters; how they occur and their impact on the community and environment. 
Alongside this, we will be learning about Ernest Shackleton's expedition to Antarctica and his crew's survival in extreme conditions.  This will help form many of our writing opportunities during the term, including descriptions of extreme environments and a non-chronological on Endurance's journey. 


A key Year 6 experience is a week-long Bikeability course, this is planned to take place the first week in October.  Information will be sent out about this very shortly. 

Science Term 1: Electricity
In science, we will be building on our knowledge of electricity from Year 4. This term we will focus on understanding how insulators and conductors work, the impact of different elements in a circuit, and using the correct scientific symbols and language to showcase our work. 
Key Information 
PE/ PE Kits
PE – Monday and Thursday afternoons. This term PE will be focussing on Netball and Athletics.
Please ensure your child comes to school dressed in a suitable PE kit on these days.  Long hair must be tied up and earrings to be taped or removed, along with removing any jewellery or watches. If earrings are removed, please ensure that your child has a small pot or safe place to keep them in.
Set on Wednesday
Due in: Monday

Homework will typically consist of:

Spellings – to practise and learn, these will be tested on a Monday. Please encourage your child to use strategies they find most helpful.
Punctuation and Grammar – A short activity linked to practising sentences and grammar.
Daily reading – please encourage your child to read daily and fill out their reading journals. It is your child’s responsibility to choose and change their reading books as required. The more they read the better writers they become.
Maths- A short maths task will be set that will need to be completed in their books. In addition, there will be MyMaths and/or Times Table Rock Stars activities that can be completed.

On Friday afternoon I am out of the classroom for Planning, Preparation and Administration time. The class will be covered by Mrs Cole for RE, Mrs Sinclair for PE and Mr Hards for Music.