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End of Year Results 2021-2022

End of Key Stage 2

Due to papers being misplaced by the Standards and Testing Agency, results available do not reflect the achievements gained by our Year 6 class of 2022 and we therefore have no meaningful results to publish this year.

End of Key Stage 1

% Pupils at Expected Standard and Greater Depth within the Expected Standard
  Expected Standard 
Wivelsfield School
Expected Standard National
High Level of Attainment Wivelsfield School High Level of Attainment National
Reading 77% 67% 16% 18%
Writing 71% 58% 9.7% 8%
Mathematics 81% 70% 16.1% 15.1%

Phonics Screening Year 1

% Pupils Working at Required Standard 2022
Wivelsfield School - 89.6%
National 2022 - 75%

Early Years Foundation Stage

% Pupils Achieving Good Level of Development 2022
Wivelsfield School - 76.7%
National 2022 - 65.2%

Average Point Score 32.2%
National 31%
Click on the link below to go to the Department for Education website. This gives the DFE School Performance information for Wivelsfield Primary School.