Welcome to Otters Class!
Year 4

Miss Kelly

Class Teacher

Mrs Shorter

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Shorter will be working with the Otter Class on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings.

Mrs Ferguson

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Ferguson will be working with the Otter Class on a Tuesday morning.

 Key Information
PE - Tuesdays - Athletics with Mrs Sinclair
PE - Wednesdays - Netball with Miss Kelly
Homework - TBC
Our Learning
Term 1 - The Vikings
Within term 2 the children will be learning about the Vikings. They will be investigating the key question 'Is it ever right to invade a country?'
To answer this the children will find out:

Who were the Vikings and where were they from?

What was life like as a Viking?

Where did the Vikings live?

How did religion and beliefs impact Vking life?

Please see the 'topic web' and 'knowledge organiser' attached below for more information.

Key texts:
Viking Boy  by Tony Bradman
Historium by Richard Wilkinson
Norse Myths by Kevin Crossley-Holland
Forest School with Mrs Hunter
Term 2 - Art and Design 
Term 2 - The Vikings
Term 2 - The Vikings - Key texts
Term 1 - The Anglo-Saxons