Welcome to Otters Class!
Year 4

Ms Amy Meade and Ms Tracy Reilly

Class Teacher

Mrs Wakelan

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Wakelan will be working with the Otter Class on Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings.

 Key Information
Swimming - Thursday  
PE - (Athletics) Friday - with Mrs Diack
Spelling quiz - Friday
Times table quiz - Friday
Homework given out on a Friday  and expected back on a Thursday.
Our Learning
Term 5 (First half) - TheAnglo Saxons
Within topic will be focussing on:
To invade or not to invade?
Terms 2 (second half) and Term 3 - Lewes
Geography - What could the geography of Lewes tell us about its history?
We will be focussing on the following questions:
What are the main landmarks in Lewes?

Why are the main landmarks located where they are?

How has the river Ouse impacted development?

How has the terrain impacted development?

How might Lewes change in the future?

History - Is it worth restoring/maintaining historical sites in Lewes?

We will be focussing on the following questions:

What are the main events of the Battle of Lewes?

How did the Battle of Bosworth impact the development of Lewes?

How is the reign of Henry VIII evident within Lewes?

How did Lewes change after the reign of Henry VIII?

Please see the 'topic webs' and 'knowledge organisers' attached below for more information.
Key texts:
Treason - Berlie Doherty (Class reader)
Moth - Isabel Thomas
Window - Jeannie Baker
A Sussex Alphabet - Eleanor Farjeon
A South Downs Alphabet
Diver's Daughter - Patricia Lawrence
Terms 1 and 2  -Key texts
Term 1 - Photos