Welcome to Otters Class!
Year 4

Miss Kelly

Class Teacher

Mrs Shorter

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Shorter will be working with the Otter Class on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings.

Mrs Ferguson

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Ferguson will be working with the Otter Class on a Tuesday morning.

 Key Information
PE - Tuesday- with Mrs Sinclair
PE - Swimming 
Homework - due on Mondays
Our Learning
Term 5 and 6 - Lewes
Within term 5 and 6  the children will be learning about their local area with a focus study of Lewes. They will be investigating the key questions 'What could the geography of Lewes tell us about its history?' and 'Is it worth restoring/maintaining historical sites in Lewes?'
To answer this the children will find out about:

Lewes (Geography)

What are the main landmarks in Lewes?

Why are the main landmarks located where they are?

How has the river Ouse impacted development?

How has the terrain impacted development?

How might Lewes change in the future?


Lewes (History)

What are the main events of the Battle of Lewes?

How did the Battle of Bosworth impact the development of Lewes?

How is the reign of Henry VIII evident within Lewes?

How did Lewes change after the reign of Henry VIII?


Please see the 'topic webs' and 'knowledge organiser' attached below for more information.

Key texts:
- Window by Jeannie Baker
- Between a Tick and a Tock by Louise Greig
- A Sussex Alphabet by Eleanor Farjeon
- Diver's Daughter by Patrice Lawrence
Term 5 and 6 - Lewes - Key texts
The Tin Forest
Forest School Term 4
Term 3 - Poetry - with personification
The Otter class focused on the poem 'For Forest' by Grace Nichols.
First, we read and performed the poem. 
Next, we discussed the poetic devices used within the poem.
After, we built our understanding of personification.
Finally, we wrote our own poems using personification. We used a human or a physical geographical feature as our inspiration.
Term 2 - The Vikings
Forest School with Mrs Hunter
Term 1 - The Anglo-Saxons
Term 2 - Art and Design 
The Otter class used 'The Tin Forest' by Helen Ward as a focus text. We read and discussed the text and answered 'Vipers' style question. In Art and Design, we explored shading to draw our own 'tin forests'. As well as this we compared the forest in this text to the artwork 'Tiger in a Tropical Storm' by Henri Rosseau. The children then developed their knowledge of mixing colours to create their own art work inspired by these pieces.