School Improvement Priorities 2020-2021

School Improvement Priorities 2020 - 2021


The Quality of Education

  •         To ensure all children have access to rich and relevant learning experiences through implementing the revised curriculum for all areas of learning, with a continued focus on developing a love of reading
  •         To ensure quality first teaching and any additional support enables all pupils, including SEND and disadvantaged and more able children, to make rapid progress and so narrow any identified gaps.
  •         To further develop robust remote learning so any child who is absent can access it and so continue to make good progress with their learning.



Behaviour and Attitudes

  •         To ensure behaviour in the wider school environment is consistently as good as that observed in the classroom.
  •         To ensure all pupils are respectful of and adhere to the routines related to keeping the whole school community safe during the Covid -19 pandemic.


Personal Development

  •         To enable all children to further develop respect for our diverse society within and beyond school and can begin to understand unconscious bias.
  •         To revisit developing a positive and growth mindset within the whole school community.
  •         To ensure RSHE is planned and taught in line with DfE expectations so all children have the chance to understand and develop safe and healthy relationships appropriate for their age. 


Leadership and Management

  •         To ensure ongoing appropriate support  for teachers so  the quality of education  remains good or outstanding,  enabling all pupil to make good progress.
  •         To equip middle leaders with skills and knowledge to lead their subjects effectively and so raise standards across the school

●        To ensure the newly established senior leadership team are supported and equipped to develop skills in leadership through coaching and mentoring, so they continue to have, or develop, a positive impact on the school.