School Improvement Priorities 2019-20


School Improvement Priorities 2019 – 2020


The Quality of Education

  • To review and implement a curriculum so it is relevant to all children and shows clear intent, implementation and impact.


  • To ensure all children make good or better progress in writing and mathematics from their various starting points


  • To ensure all teaching meets the needs of disadvantaged children and those with SEND so their achievement is more in line with that other children




Behaviour and Attitudes

  • To further improve the behaviour of children in the school through a Restorative Justice approach so that children are more reflective of the impact of their actions
  • To develop more robust and consistent recording of behaviour so patterns  for groups and individual can be more easily monitored



Personal Development

  • To enable all children to develop respect for our diverse society within and beyond school  
  • To further develop a whole school approach to Mental Health and Emotional well-being so that children can achieve their full potential


Leadership and Management

  • To further develop best practice in managing staff wellbeing and workload so they  are mentally and physically fit to work to provide the best education possible for the children  
  • To ensure middle  leaders are equipped to lead their subjects effectively and so raise standards across the school