Remote Learning

Please see our Remote Learning Policy and additional information underneath the Curriculum Tab and scroll down to Remote Learning. 
Remote Learning Offer
During this global pandemic and now in a second national lockdown, where possible the safest place for children and their families to be is at home. 
The school remains open to key worker and vulnerable children, which is reviewed frequently in line with the most up-to-date DfE guidance.
Our Remote Learning 

Google Classroom is our main platform for providing remote learning. (Please refer to information below about Early Years.)

Teachers are uploading pre-recorded lessons (for most but not all lessons – for example if an activity is easy to access and self-explanatory without a video) along with the resources, so that the resources can be accessed at any time to suit the differing needs of children and families in our school community. 

Another benefit of pre-recorded lessons is that it allows for learners to pause, review and continue their learning at a time that suits them. 

The remote learning provided is monitored by SLT on a daily basis, with one member of SLT specifically designated to monitoring the provision and engagement with remote learning. 

For those families with difficulty accessing online resources, packs of resources are made available with prior arrangement.

Summary of Remote Learning Offer:

 o There will be a summary overview of the week released on Monday each week (teachers may where possible include links to the upcoming work, but please be aware that teachers are continuously creating online content).

o    Teachers will upload the work as 'Days', and within those days, would be for example, Maths, English, Handwriting and History. The day will become available on the 'day', (but often the evening before) but no deadline will be set on the day so children can complete the work at a time that suits them.

o    Assignments set will not have a 'deadline' to reduce anxiety for children and parents/carers.

o    Assignments will be set as 'ungraded' but work can be ‘returned with feedback’. The ‘grading’ function on google classroom does not support teachers in assessing learning and the systems we use in school for assessing pupil progress.

o    Teachers and support staff will try to feedback on as many pieces of learning as possible, but it might not be possible to feedback on every piece with our teaching commitments and preparation of online material.

o We will work with families to overcome barriers where we identify that children  are not engaging with remote learning.

o As far as possible, work is differentiated to meet the needs of all learners, including challenge for more able pupils.

o Resource packs are printed out weekly for families who need them .

o Online lessons are supplemented  with  English and Mathematics work books for all children.

o    We may use Oak National Academy to support learning of foundation subjects/assemblies we may wish to share.

o White Rose Maths lessons and resources are used for our Maths provision, in line with our long term Maths plan. 

o    Children will be encouraged to share each week 1 x piece of English, 1 x piece of maths and 1 x another subject through Google Classroom (but they can email it too). We are not expecting work to be uploaded every day, unless the child/family wish to.

o    Please can learning you may wish to share be submitted with the ‘assignment’ as work ‘turned in’.

o    Worked ‘turned in’ could be a photo, a comment about what your child did/achieved or an attached document.

o    Learning online cannot replicate an entire school day and all that is usual school life, the learning provided allows for 3-4 hours  worth of remote learning depending on the pace of which the child learns (depending on age and individual needs of the child).

o    Wellbeing catch ups through weekly Zoom meetings with the links shared through Google Classroom (and wellbeing phone calls as required) will happen from WC 25.01.21. This will be continuously reviewed by the teaching staff and SLT and this provision may further be increased. 

o Teachers are available to respond to learning on Google classroom and emails in the afternoons when they are not actively teaching those children on site and will respond within their usual working hours.

o We have loaned electronic equipment to those who have requested it .

o We have our book swap and spare stationary resources available for parents/carers to collect on the designated days to support social distancing.

Early Years 

o Pre-recorded videos of learning and the resources are shared via the Tapestry platform

o The teacher is available through email communication too

o Resources are printed out for those who need it 

o Weekly wellbeing Zooms with the class started from week commencing 25.01.21

o Weekly wellbeing phone calls from a member of staff