Bowles Day 3

“I’m on fire!” A boy’s voice bellowed out across the play area. A faint plume of smoke rose from the boy’s blonde head. Scanning down, a wide grin swept across his face from cheek to cheek. On closer inspection, it was not smoke but dust.
“Look, I can make fire,” yelped the boy whilst he vigorously rubbed his hair, particles of dirt escaped once more to join the echoes of his laughter fading and floating out across the nearby forest. Although bush craft taught the children how to make fire from scratch earlier in the day, I’m not sure this was entirely what the instructor had in mind.
Please be rest assured that the children have showered, although one child did remark: “There are just so many parts of my body to remember to clean.”
The dirt gathered yesterday came from Harrison’s Rocks, a sandstone just a short minibus drive away. The children, and adults, scrambled, climbed and squeezed their way through the gaps in the rocks smothering themselves in the mud from the morning rain. Others remained at Bowles and bravely climbed their way to the top of the sandstone outcrop during their rock-climbing session. In the evening, all three groups participated in team building challenges.
It has been so pleasing to see each child push themselves out of their comfort zone. For some this was to conqueror their fear of heights whilst for others it was finding their voice and leading a team, and for others it has been developing their independence, including showering and cleaning so many parts of their body.

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