Bowles Day 2

Inuit, Aleut, and Yup’ik: the first tribes to build and use kayaks. What a way to learn history – slicing through the beautiful waters on a nearby lake certainly beats the classroom. Legend has it that Eskimos used to sew themselves into their kayaks but the children were offered a different way of embracing the Eskimo culture: the Eskimo kiss…rubbing their nose with the nose of their kayak…on the lake. Inevitably, this resulted in many hilarious attempts to precariously balance their limbs on the kayak whilst they leaned forward, stretching every sinew to plant their nose on the end of their kayak. Few succeeded; many failed. Or perhaps deliberately sabotaged their attempt to splash into the cool waters.
This was one of the many highlights yesterday on the lake as the children learnt new skills from raft building to canoeing. The efforts on the lake were rewarded with a feast at dinner time with roast pork on the menu. And before they knew it, they were back in their groups having a go at skiing and low ropes in the sticky evening air as the sun set on day two of their Bowles adventure.

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