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The class teacher is Miss Parris

The Teaching Assistants are:

 Miss Mason

and Mrs Hunter

On the farm

In Robins our curriculum is often lead by the children’s interests and hobbies. We change topics every few weeks, building on discussions in class.

This term our topic is called ‘On the Farm’. We will be kicking off this topic with our trip to Washbrooks Farm on Monday 29th April, where we will have the opportunity to explore the farm, looking at the animals and the machinery and equipment used in the everyday running of the farm. Through the topic, we will discover more about where our food comes from and the field to fork process.



Trip to Washbrooks Farm
Key Events

Monday 29th April: Trip to Washbrooks Farm
Thursday 27th June: Robins Class Assembly 9:15 – 9:35am
Friday 12th July: Pirate/Mermaid Dress Up Day

Perform4schools People Who Help Us Workshop – Early Term 6 (Date to be confirmed)
After a successful previous visit we have invited Perform4schools to run another wonderful workshop on the topic of ‘People Who Help Us’. This workshop aims to help broaden the children’s understanding of the world around them. They will learn how we are kept safe and healthy, are encouraged to appreciate and show respect for the people who help us every day:
* Understand the importance of the emergency services and learn how they keep us safe
* Acknowledge and show appreciation for the people who help us in our local communities
* Understand road safety with Molly the Lollipop Lady
* Learn how to respect one another

Robins Class Assembly – Thursday 27th June
On Thursday 27th June the Robins Class will be performing a short assembly to the rest of the school and you are invited to come along to watch. The assembly will show case some of their learning in class and a chance to celebrate a successful first year at school. At the end of the assembly you will be invited to stay for a short while to mingle with the children. The assembly will take place approximately between 9:15 – 9:35am. Younger siblings are welcome to come along and watch, although we ask that you step out of the hall if they become vocal to ensure the Robins’ little voices can be heard.

Pirate and Mermaid Day – Friday 12th July

Our final topic of the year will be all about Pirates. As part of our learning we would like to invite the children in Robins to come to school dressed as a pirate, mermaid or any other sea related character. More details will follow nearer to the event.


The children have been very enthusiastic in our phonics lessons and we have now completed Phase 2 and Phase 3 of Letters and Sounds, using Jolly Phonics to learn them. These include digraphs and trigraphs which are explained in the box below.

Please keep practising the following phonemes:

Phase 2: s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, c, k, ck, e, u, r, h, b, f, ff, l, ll, ss

Phase 3: j, v, w, x, y, z, zz, qu, ch, sh, th, ng, ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, ar, or, ur, ow, oi, ear, air, ure, er



Over the next few weeks we will be setting up your child’s Tapestry account. We are looking forward to sharing your child’s learning from school with you. Please endeavour to update your child’s Tapestry as often as possible.  These contributions are beneficial to us for many reasons:

  • The children love the opportunity to share their home life with us at school
  • The children will often apply and use skills at home that we may not see within the school environment
  • Sharing your child’s learning and hobbies allows us to cater and adapt the curriculum to include their interests.

Every observation is valued and appreciated.



As we move into Term 6 we will be looking for lots of opportunities for the children to interact with their Year One teacher. They will also be visiting the Year One class every week during Term 5 and 6 for a short assembly and story time.

The children in Year 1 and 2 are expected to walk in from the ks1 gate independently. Therefore, if you are still entering the building in the morning it is important you build up their independence as soon as possible to ensure a smooth transition in September.

Show and Tell

Show and tell has become a popular event in class, but as we move into the final terms of Robins we must begin the transition in preparation for Year 1 where show and tell is more structured. Therefore we will not be allowing the children to bring toys in for show and tell during Term 5 and 6. If they have objects, books and photographs which link to our topics then they are welcome to bring them in to show. We have explained this to the children already.


Spare Clothes

We love to embrace any creative opportunities that may spontaneously appear to us, therefore we would like all children to have the following items in school at all times:

  • A pair of wellies
  • A coat
  • PE kit

Please ensure all items of clothing are clearly labelled.

Packed lunches

Please could packed lunches be left in the classroom in the morning so we can check their numbers against our dinner register.


Long hair

Please could long hair be worn up at school to ensure the children are safe.

Reading books, Reading records and Key Words folder

Please read your child’s reading book with them and write your comment in their reading record. We will change your child’s reading book during class time two or three times a week.

Inside the key words folder are the words that your child is learning at the moment. The sheets will be checked at school and new sheets will be added when your child is ready for them and can display a confident and immediate recollection of the word.

Water bottles

Please could all children bring into school a labelled water bottle as it is important that they can access water throughout the school day. Their water bottles should contain water; we often have accidents in the classroom and squash and juice can cause problems with stains and sticky damage to the classroom and its belongings.  If children have a packed lunch they should bring a separate water bottle to be kept in the classroom during the day.


This term P.E. is on a Friday, however we often need P.E. kit on other days so please ensure your child’s P.E. kit is in school all week.  Their P.E. kit should include a t-shirt, shorts and comfortable shoes. As the weather gets colder, the children will need to bring in long tracksuit bottoms and a warm top, as we will continue to use our superb field for as many sessions as possible. All items of clothing must be clearly labelled. We will send the P.E. kits home at half term for washing.

Star Moments
In Robins we are full of superstars who have lots of fantastic moments both at school and at home. We would love to hear all about the magic moments and achievements they have at home so we have included some star moments sheets for you to fill in and send back as they achieve them. We will then celebrate these moments and stick them in their learning journals. If you run out of star moments please mention this in your child’s reading record or ask us at the end of the day and we can provide you with more.

Sun Safety

In Robins class we love to make the most of the outdoor environment, therefore it is important the children have protection from the sun.  Please ensure the children arrive at school with sun cream already applied. The children are encouraged to wear a sun hat, please ensure these are labelled and the children are able to recognise their own sun hat easily.

Robin of the Week

Every week one child is awarded the ‘Robin of the Week’.  This is awarded for fantastic effort, achievement, progress or development. The child receives a certificate which they keep and Rosie the Robin, who they are asked to look after until the following Thursday when they should return it to school.

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