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Welcome to the Robins!

The class teacher is Miss Hughes

The Teaching Assistants are:

 Miss Mason, Mrs Hilton

and Ms Brennan

Spring Term Topic – People

This term our learning will focus around our new topic – ‘People’.  However, we will also explore the children’s interests or fascinations, which may not follow our main topic. We will be exploring a variety of occupations as well as other groups of people which will include: People Who Help Us, Teachers, Police, Doctors and Nurses, Fire Fighters, Builders, Dentists, Superheroes, Pirates and Mermaids and story book characters.  We will be visited in the classroom by different People Who Help Us, alongside using a variety of fiction and non-fiction key texts to support our understanding of these people and what they do.

At the end of Term 3, Perform for Schools will lead an exciting People Who Help Us workshop, aimed to broaden the children’s understanding of the world around them.  A letter will be sent out with more information.

Child Initiated Learning

The best way for young children to learn is through play.  Everyday, the children are given time to explore the classroom, resources and activities that have been carefully thought-out and planned to support the wide range to skills and needs of the Robins.

There are seven key areas outlined by the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum that are used to focus the children’s learning:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development,
  • Communication and Language,
  • Physical Development,
  • Mathematics,
  • Literacy,
  • Understanding the World,
  • Expressive Arts and Design.

Small Group Learning

The children learn closely alongside an adult to focus on key skills and concepts.  They also have the chance to learn from each other while joining in with fun activities, engaging in conversations and developing relationships.


Key Events

Stay and Share a Book

This half term,  every Thursday afternoon at 2:30 come into the classroom to share a variety of books with the Robins.

Sharing books, modelling reading and expression and talking about stories is a fantastic way to get children excited about reading.

We would love it is you were able to join us!


We have begun the next stage our Phonics learning, starting with Phase 3.  Over the next few weeks, we will link  the new sounds to letters, segmenting and blending CVC words as well as continuing to develop our letter formation.  The children will learn to recognise and read a new set of Tricky Words – these are words that cannot be sounded out as there is a letter making a different sound.  We will also read High Frequency Words from sight and use a word mat to help us spell them (these are words most commonly seen within our reading books).

As our confidence and understanding grows, we read and write simple captions and short sentences.  We need to use capital letters, finger spaces and a full stop as well as reading the sentence back to check it makes sense.

The children will be eager to write during their own time, encourage them to sound out slowly, listening for the sounds and matching them to digraphs (two letters that make one sound e.g. sh), perhaps using the sound mat to support them.

Phase 3 sounds include:

j, v, w, y, x, z, zz, qu, ch, sh, th, ng, ai, ee, igh, oa, oo (long), oo (short), ar, or, ur, ow, oi, ear, air, ure, er

Phase 3 Tricky words include:

he, me, be, we, she, my, was, you, all, are, they, her

Phase 3 High Frequency Words include:

will, that, then, now, this, with, for, them. down, see, too, look, and, a



Your child has been set up with a Tapestry account. We are looking forward to sharing your child’s learning from school with you. Please endeavour to update your child’s Tapestry as often as possible.  These contributions are beneficial to us for many reasons:

  • The children love the opportunity to share their home life with us at school,
  • The children will often apply and use skills at home that we may not see within the school environment,
  • Sharing your child’s learning and hobbies allows us to cater and adapt the curriculum to include their interests.

Every observation is valued and appreciated.

If you need your account to be re-activated, please let Miss Hughes know.



Spare Clothes

We love to embrace any creative opportunities that may spontaneously appear to us, therefore we would like all children to have the following items in school at all times:

  • A pair of wellies
  • A coat
  • PE kit

Please ensure all items of clothing are clearly named.

Packed lunches

Please could packed lunches be left in the classroom in the morning so we can check their numbers against our dinner register.

Long hair

Please could long hair be worn up at school to ensure the children are safe.

Reading books and Reading Records

Please read your child’s reading book with them and write your comment in their reading record. We will change your child’s reading book during class time twice a week on TUESDAY and FRIDAY.

Initially, your child will receive wordless Lilac banded books.  These books aim to develop the children’s story-telling skills.  As you share the books together, encourage your child to use the illustrations to describe what is happening and give speech to the characters.

Robin of the Week

Every week one child is awarded the ‘Robin of the Week’.  This is awarded for fantastic effort, achievement, progress or development. The child receives a certificate and Rosie the Robin, who they are asked to look after until the following Thursday when they should return it to school.

Key Word Folders

Inside the key words folder are the words that your child is learning at the moment, linking to our phonics learning. The sheets will be checked at school and new sheets will be added when your child is ready for them and can display a confident and immediate recollection of the word.

Star Moments
In Robins we are full of superstars who have lots of fantastic moments both at school and at home. We would love to hear all about the magic moments and achievements they have at home!  Fill in a Start Moment sheet and return it to school.  We will then celebrate these moments and stick them in their learning journals.


If you are free to support us in the classroom, any help is greatly appreciated!  Please come in a chat to Miss Hughes.  Thank you!

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