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Welcome to Rabbits!

Year 2


Class Teacher – Miss Hughes

Teaching Assistants  –

Mrs Murtagh and Mrs Martin

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Please bring your reading books and reading record into school everyday. 

The children are responsible for changing their reading books when they arrive in the morning.

PE: Wednesday and Thursday

Key Words: Tuesday 

Homework sent out: Friday

Homework returned: Thursday

Spelling Quiz: Friday

Our Learning

On The Move

Our main topic will be covered in History, DT and English sessions.  we will be investigating our key question: How has transport changed our lives?

Stunning Start – Wheelie Day: Children are invited to bring in a scooter, bike, skateboard or skates into school and explore the different forces used to move them.  Alongside our grown-ups, we will make a bottle rocket and experiment how to launch.

Marvelous Middle – Vehicle Workshop:  Grown-ups are invited into school again, to work alongside their children create a vehicle using a wheel mechanism.  We will test and evaluate our vehicles against our design criteria.

Fabulous Finish – Comparing old and new vehicles: Dates to be confirmed.  We will explore and compare the similarities and differences between different aged vehicles and discuss why they have needed to change over the years.


Our Summer topic of “Plants” will be explored through discussions and practical activities including observations using magnifying glasses, naming, sorting and classifying seeds, flowers and trees and investigating what a seed needs to germinate.   


We will be exploring and comparing the use of colour by different artists including Jackson Pollock, Rothko and Kandinsky.


We will be reviewing a variety of maths learning including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions.  Through practical activities, we will develop our understanding of temperature, weight and capacity and how to read scales in different intervals.


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